Anton William Otrusina was born in Czechoslovakia in 1913. A pretty rough time for a kid to be born, the year The First World War started.

Losing his father to the war, his mother decided to move to the US as soon as she could. In 1926, Anton followed his mother. Being a product of The Great Depression, Anton knew the value of frugality. Working for Rolik manufacturing making leather goods for the US Army during World War Two, Anton learned how to spot a good hide.

Working for Brookfield Leather Goods until 1962, Anton split from his brother, Joe, to start  W Enterprises Inc. As the story goes, that year he received a phone call from a company called Galvin Manufacturing, which was on Augusta Boulevard in Chicago. It seems like the were looking for a pouch for a device they developed for sale to police and fire departments. Anton submitted a sample, and it was approved. The device proved to be very popular, and was called a ‘Walkie-Talkie’. Galvin Manufacturing eventually moved to Schaumburg Illinois and changed it’s name to Motorola.

In 1978 his son Edward took control. Moving to a 28,000 square foot building in 1990, and expanding the company’s offering to include personal leather goods and ATA cases.

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