CaseGuys™ is one of the industries’ first two-way case manufacturers for 55 years, a primary case supplier producing tens of thousands of cases a year.

Recent press releases announced CaseGuys™ shipments to E.F. Johnson Technologies™ have exceeded 50,000 and shipments to Tait Electronics LTD.™ have exceeded 70,000 two-way radio cases.

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A.W. Enterprises began as a leather products manufacturer and continues today to innovate and create products that serve a broad spectrum of users.

We’ve been delighting our customers with leather solutions for over a half a century…we’d be delighted to show you how leather may enhance your products!

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Whether its shipping for a trade show or part of the product itself,
A. W. Enterprises has design and manufacturing solutions that will protect and enhance the quality and life of your product.

Our design team will listen to your needs and go to work on creating solutions that protect your investment, enhance the look of your product, and impact your bottom line.

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